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Lisa Floreancig
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Legislation Introduced in Wyoming to Codify Common Law Doctrine on Landowner's Duty to Trespassers; NAMIC Comments

"NAMIC supports the Wyoming Legislature in its effort to clarify and codify the common law doctrine of limited liability exposure to trespassers. SF 70 clearly states that a land owner or possessor has no duty to maintain the premises in a safe condition for the use of a trespasser, and sets forth two exceptions: liability for any intentional, willful or wanton acts that cause injury to a trespasser; and a duty of care to take reasonable actions to protect young child trespassers, who may not be able to appreciate the danger posed by some artificial conditions to the property.

"The vast majority of states in the country either have a common law doctrine or statute that limits liability exposure of a landowner or possessor to a trespasser, and this issue is particularly important in a state like Wyoming, where there are a lot of privately owned wilderness areas."

Contact: Lisa Floreancig
Public Affairs Director - State & Policy Affairs