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Matt Brady

Matt Brady
Senior Director
Media and Federal Advocacy Communications

Telephone: 202.580.6742

Lisa Floreancig

Lisa Floreancig
Public Affairs Director
State Affairs

Telephone: 317.876.4246

Statement of Christian J. Rataj
State Affairs Manager
National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies

RE: Wyoming's Electronic Proof of Insurance Legislation Makes Sense For Consumers, Insurers, Law Enforcement; NAMIC Comments

"NAMIC commends the Wyoming Legislature for considering a consumer-friendly, environment-friendly, and law-enforcement-friendly proof of insurance bill that addresses the modern realities of the electronic communications age, where consumers maintain a host of important personal records on their mobile devices. NAMIC supports SF 87 because the proposed legislation allows but does not require insurers to offer proof of insurance in an electronic format and requires that the insurer and policyholder agree to the issuance of the insurance card in an electronic format."

Contact: Lisa Floreancig
Public Affairs Director - State & Policy Affairs