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Matt Brady

Matt Brady
Senior Director
Media and Federal Advocacy Communications

Telephone: 202.580.6742

Lisa Floreancig

Lisa Floreancig
Public Affairs Director
State Affairs

Telephone: 317.876.4246

RE: Illinois Proposed Regulation on Workers' Compensation Reimbursement For 'Repackaged' Drugs

"NAMIC urges the General Assembly's Joint Committee on Administrative Rules to support the proposed amendment to the state's workers' compensation regulations. As proposed, the amendment will moderate the cost of 'repackaged' prescriptions that are dispensed outside of a licensed pharmacy without compromising patient care.

"This regulation will benefit the large majority of NAMIC's Illinois members, which are Main Street employers that provide insurance coverage in often underserved rural areas. Like other small employers, they need a vibrant, effective workers' compensation market so that they can protect their employees and continue to serve the Illinois agricultural economy."

Contact: Lisa Floreancig
Public Affairs Director - State & Policy Affairs