NAMIC Responds to State of the Union Address

Statement by Jimi Grande
Senior Vice President, Federal and Political Affairs
National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies

RE:NAMIC Responds to State of the Union Address

“The President’s State of the Union Speech, and the response by Gov. Mitch Daniels, make clear that both Republicans and Democrats are working to help our economy’s recovery, albeit with very different ideas. At NAMIC we believe that economic growth is best achieved through free, competitive markets without the burden of excessive government regulation.

“But there is much that can be done in Washington to make our nation safer, our economy stronger, and our government less dependent on borrowed money. Legislation to reform the National Flood Insurance Program – moving the program towards fiscal stability and away from taxpayers’ wallets – has been passed by the House and is waiting for a vote in the Senate. As the president calls for spurring new construction projects, we can make sure those projects are built stronger to withstand the wrath of Mother Nature by creating an incentive for states to adopt and enforce stronger building codes, saving lives and property while reducing the need for taxpayer-funded disaster relief.

“Although 2012 appears to be set for a contentious election year, issues such as these offer common ground for both parties. NFIP reforms passed the House with over 400 votes, and lawmakers from across the country have offered their support for the Safe Building Code Incentive Act. NAMIC’s 1,400 member companies hope that Congress and the Administration will take advantage of these opportunities to show the American people that, despite their differences, both parties can work together for the good of our nation.”

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