NAMIC Call for Speakers | Timeline

NAMIC Call for Speakers - The Process

Listed below is a sample timeline for planning our educational events.

In-person Events
All of NAMIC’s in-person educational events are planned in conjunction with a planning committee. Staff and the committee meet approximately 10 months in advance of the in-person event to begin planning content. The goal is for agenda’s to be finalized at least five months in advance of the in-person event.

All proposals for specific events should be submitted approximately eight-ten months in advance of the seminar . We encourage you to check out our educational calendar for more detailed information on each event

Click/Tap on an event to see the Proposal Submission Time

Virtual Events
Virtual session proposals are accepted on a continual basis. NAMIC hosts webinars on a variety of topics throughout the year. Serving as a webinar speaker provides speakers with the opportunity to present without requiring travel, and also allows inexperienced speakers to gain greater speaking proficiency.