Professional Farm Mutual Manager Designation (PFMM)


  • MARK BOEKER – Farmers Mutual Aid Association of Washington County

  • Carl Childress – BMI Company, Inc.

  • Jarrod Davis – BMI Company, Inc.

  • Joey Deschambault – Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company

  • Brian Dilcher – Genesee Patrons Cooperative Insurance Company

  • Emily Finney – Halstad Mutual Fire Insurance Company

  • DAVID HINKEBEIN – Arnsberg Farmers' Mutual Insurance Company

  • Crystal Probert – BMI Company, Inc.

  • Denise Reavis – BMI Company, Inc.

  • Josh Roy – Barton Mutual Insurance Company

  • Angela Scheer – Boeuf & Berger Mutual Insurance Company

  • Jeff Schiller – Crow River Mutual Insurance Company

  • Dawn Selvey – Barton Mutual Insurance Company

  • Bethany Sperandio – BMI Company, Inc.

  • Heather Techlin – Ellington Mutual Insurance Company

  • Jason Wolfe – Barton Mutual Insurance Company

Individuals’ records are maintained by NAMIC and transcript reports are distributed annually. While NAMIC will make every effort to maintain accurate records, individuals are responsible for reporting discrepancies immediately upon discovery.


Lauren Holdcroft
Certification & Customized Programs Manager