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Why do some teams struggle to survive while others perform with excellence? Today's work environment takes a heavy toll on individuals and on the teams on which they work. Efforts to increase productivity routinely push team members outside of defined job descriptions and beyond personal comfort levels. Tension runs high, trust declines, confusing directives squelch efficiency and competing goals limit progress. 

Create a competitive advantage through The Essentials of High Performance Teams. This interactive and results-based workshop is the perfect solution for team leaders and/or team members to discover and immediately apply the Four Leadership Essentials:       

  • Essential 1:  Foundational Trust and Understanding 

  • Essential 2:  Shared Expectations and Accountability  

  • Essential 3:  Respectful and Candid Dialogue 

  • Essential 4:  High Performance and Results 

Program Outline & Objectives:

  • Realize the roles of the leader and team members, assess team skills, strengths and challenges, and learn how behavioral styles and competencies impact team dynamics.  

  • Discover how to build trust across your team and understand how teamwork as a strategy can be utilized to foster enhanced team behaviors.  

  • Examine and enrich the quality of goal-setting and planning, achieving buy-in, decision-making skills, problem-solving tactics, and communication strategies.  

  • Develop the essentials needed for effective teamwork and understand the value and benefits it provides.  

  • Discover how to foster commitment, engage in respectful dialogue and promote accountability in a way that increases both productivity and morale.

  • Execute an action plan to work more cohesively and collaboratively in a team environment, while also cultivating high-performing team behavior and results.


This workshop is designed for new managers or those with 0-10 years of experience working in a team environment.

  • Team Leader

  • New Manager

  • Future Leader

  • Department Supervisor

What is Included

What is Included
Professional facilitation and in-depth instruction

  • Interactive activities: group discussion and hands-on exercises

  • Coursework materials and T.E.A.M. certification for all participants

  • High-quality leadership training focused on team dynamics

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