Sep 23 - 26, 2018 | San Antonio, Tex.

PFMM Credit at Convention

The NAMIC Professional Farm Mutual Manager (PFMM) designation provides comprehensive education and information on vital issues that will benefit both the new and experienced farm mutual managers in the areas of strategic business management, financial management, underwriting and claims. Completion of three in-person modules and one virtual module makes an individual eligible for the PFMM designation.

At the 123rd NAMIC Annual Convention, the Underwriting & Claims module will be offered. Please refer to the Topics & Speakers page for more information on the PFMM sessions, as they will be marked as PFMM on the agenda. In order to receive credit for the module, you must attend all PFMM sessions, as well as one general session. Attendance is tracked per session. Other convention attendees can participate in the PFMM sessions on Monday and Tuesday.

In order for you to receive PFMM credit, you need to add PFMM Credit at Convention as an event option while registering for the convention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my convention registration include registration for PFMM Courses at Convention?

Yes, if you plan to attend PFMM courses for credit towards your PFMM designation (either completion of the module or maintenance requirements), you must indicate this as an event option when registering for the convention. Convention attendees not registered for PFMM Credit at Convention may still attend the PFMM sessions on Monday and Tuesday based on space availability, but PFMM credit will not be given.

How am I guaranteed a seat in the PFMM sessions?

There will be reserved seating in the PFMM classes for those who are registered for PFMM Credit at Convention. Limited seating will be available for other convention attendees during sessions on Monday and Tuesday.

How is attendance tracked in PFMM sessions?

Self-tracking is done for all certifications. There will be forms available at the event information desk to indicate what sessions you attended. You must attend all PFMM sessions as well as one of the general sessions.

What is the PFMM Breakfast and can I attend?

Individuals who have attained their Professional Farm Mutual Manager (PFMM) designation will be invited to attend a casual breakfast on Wednesday to connect with peers, foster new relationships, and share insights. This breakfast will have roundtable discussions on topics related to their operations and encourage sharing of ideas. This breakfast will be by invitation only and is offered at no charge to the attendee. For more information, please contact us at


Julie Bacher
Customer Service Coordinator