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NAMIC Annual Convention - Where The Industry Comes Together, A NAMIC Event | September 25-28, 2016 | Vancouver, B.C.

Closing Celebration On-line Reserved Seating

If you have attended the NAMIC Annual convention in years past, you may have been familiar with our former process of selecting reserved seating process for the Closing Celebration dinner on Wednesday night. This consisted of utilizing a large poster board with numbered tables illustrating the seating arrangements and requiring registered attendees to exchange one ticket for a reserved seat.

In 2014, we implemented a new online solution to improve the process. This year the reservation process will open to registered attendees on August 5. At that time, all attendees will receive an email that will have a username and password which you can use to make your seat selection. Registrations received after that time will be receiving seat selection information on a rolling basis.

While you will still have the ability to make a seat selection onsite, we encourage you to select your seats early so that you have the greatest number of seating options.

Attendees with a registered guest, or anyone who has registered multiple people from the same company, will be able to make group reservations at the same time. More information about the process follows below.

We look forward to seeing you in Vancouver this September, and also at the Closing Celebration, where we will close the convention on a high note!

Make Your Seat Selection Here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can make a seat reservation at the Closing Celebration?
All registered attendees, guests and children can reserve a seat at the Closing Celebration. Seat reservation ability is tied to the attendee’s unique email address. An attendee will be able to make seat selections for their registered guests. If your Convention registration was completed with someone else’s email address, that person will have the ability to make your seat selection. Attendees registered together on the same registration form will also be grouped together for seat selection. If you are not registered for the Convention, but want to attend the final dinner, you must register or purchase an individual ticket for that event. The registration for Exhibitors does not include a ticket to the Closing Celebration, but can be purchased individually. Exhibitors and others who purchase a separate ticket to the Closing Celebration will also be able to reserve a seat online.

How do I make a seat reservation?
On August 5th, all registered attendees will receive an email that will include a link to make a seat reservation. You will be prompted to enter your email address as the user log-in, and will be provided with a password to identify you. Once you log-in, you will be able to see the seating diagram, and which tables have open seats. You will then click on a table with availability to select your seat.

I just logged in and see all of the tables. How do I know where I can reserve a seat?
Tables that have been grayed out are not currently available. Open seats at tables appear as white circles, while those seats that have been previously selected are gray. Placing your mouse over a table will display the names of those attendees who have already selected seats at that particular table.

I only see some tables that have availability – why is that?
The seating diagram that you will see online will show which tables have seats available to reserve. If a table is grayed out, there are no seats available at that table.

I see a table with two open seats, but they are not next to each other. I wish to sit next to my spouse, friend, or business contact. Should I look for a different table?
While the seating software requires the selection of an actual seat, NAMIC will only be monitoring table number selections onsite. Attendees with a seat reserved at a particular table may sit in any seat at that table, on a first-come, first-served basis.

I have registered a guest and want to sit together – how do I do that?
When you registered for the convention, if you also registered a guest and/or children, you will be authorized to make reservations for that number of seats at the dinner. The names of your registered guests will appear when you log into the seat selection software system.

There are several people from my company that I want to have sit at my table – how do we do that?
If you registered all of the people from the company with a single email address or on the same registration form, you will be able to make seat selections for all of them when you log in. If each person registered on separate registration forms, they will receive login information individually. They can either make their own seat selection, or a designated person from the company can gather all attendee usernames and passwords and log in for each person to make the seat selection.

I am not sure if I will be staying for the Closing Celebration – should I go ahead and reserve a seat?
If you are unsure of whether you will be able to stay for the Closing Celebration on Wednesday night, you have two options. You can go ahead and make a seat reservation before arrival, and if your plans change you can cancel it. Or, you can wait and make your seat reservation when you arrive at the convention, but fewer seating options will exist.

How do I cancel my seat reservation if I find out I will not be there?
If you have made a seat reservation and find out your plans have changed, please notify NAMIC or log back into the seat selection site and cancel your reservation. This is very important, since this will open up the seat for others to use, and also assist in supplying accurate numbers for the order of dinner that evening.

Can I wait and make my seat reservation on-site at the convention?
Yes you can – although if you do wait and make your seat reservation when you arrive at the convention, there will be fewer seating options available.

Who do I contact if I have a question?
If you have a question about this process, please contact the NAMIC Registrar and Housing Coordinator, Julie Motyka, at

Posted: Friday, June 20, 2014 1:25:08 PM. Modified: Tuesday, August 09, 2016 11:57:55 AM.

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