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Bishop Takes Chairman’s Gavel

It was a bittersweet morning on Sept. 25 when NAMIC member companies said “goodbye” to outgoing Board Chairman Jerry Zenke and “hello” to the 2013-2014 Chairman John Bishop, at the Annual Meeting of the Members during the 118th annual convention.

In the year Zenke held the reins, he visited with member companies throughout the United States and Canada, heralding his chairman’s theme of getting the great news out about the industry. As he took leave of his position, Zenke was unrestrained in his appreciation to the membership for its support and advancement of his year-long goal of correcting the misinformation about the property/casualty insurance industry.

John BishopBishop echoed his predecessor’s sentiment as one common theme ran through the new chairman’s address – it’s up to NAMIC members to tell the good story of the property/casualty insurance industry.

“… [F]or many years I have had a personal passion to promote our industry … to work to change the poor image or misconceptions many may have about our great business. … Using the bully pulpit that the NAMIC membership is entrusting to me, I intend to actively work to get the correct message out,” he told the audience. “That being said, I cannot do it alone. I will need your help.”

Throughout Bishop’s acceptance speech, unflattering examples of headlines, news items, and consumer opinions that have besieged the industry were brought to the forefront only to be slapped down.

“Our common challenge is to get the public and the press to see the true facts about the great work of our industry, the large number of dedicated professionals in our industry rather than the large financial numbers that are so often used or misused when describing our business,” he said. Bishop went on to describe the industry as a powerhouse employer with jobs numbering 600,000 that result in nearly $60 billion annually being paid in local, state, and federal taxes. He also reminded the audience of the half billion dollars the industry contributes annually to charity.

“We are made up of companies that have a core group of generous associates, and their families that contribute countless hours and even more money to help the less fortunate among us,” he said. “I invite and challenge each and every one in our industry to join me in getting our great story out.”