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Denise Verona

Denise Verona
Arbitration Manager

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Q: Who is eligible to participate in the NAMIC Arbitration Service?

A: Any property/casualty insurance company can participate by signing the Signatory Agreement, thereby becoming “Signatory” to the arbitration service. Your company does not have to belong to NAMIC to become signatory.

Q: How often are cases heard?

A: NAS holds holds hearings 7 times annually in different locations across the country.

Q: What information must I include when I submit a petition to the NAMIC Arbitration Service?

A: Evidence of payment, denial or constructive denial, copies of any case law cited in your contentions and your $120 filing fee must accompany any petition submitted to the NAMIC Arbitration Service. Please note that denial is not required for Medical Payment Only cases.

Q: Can the hearing of a particular arbitration petition be deferred? If so, for how long?

A: Arbitration petitions may be deferred until all companion claims or suits not subject to arbitration, involving the same damages issues, have been resolved, where a party to the arbitration requests deferment in writing. A status report is due to NAS within the first year and every 180 days thereafter.

Q: Do I need to overnight my response in order to meet the 30-day response deadline?

A: No, postmark dates are used to determine timeliness of responses to arbitration petitions.

Q: What happens if I miss the response deadline?

A: Response deadlines are strictly enforced and any late answers will not be accepted. Any responses received after the deadline date will be returned in their entirety.

Q: Is there any way to extend my response deadline?

A: Yes, a one-time per case 30-day extension is available by contacting our office by letter, email or fax. The extension request must be received prior to the original response deadline.

Q: Will the NAMIC Arbitration Committee ever rehear a case or can decisions ever be contested?

A: The NAMIC Arbitration Committee will reconsider and review cases only where a concept of law was erroneously applied, or if a clerical error was made in preparing the written decision.

Q: Can non-signatory companies petition the NAMIC Arbitration Service?

A: Non-signatory companies may petition the NAMIC Arbitration Service by agreement of both parties by using the Waiver of Non-Jurisdiction form.

Q: Is it possible for our office to arrange for invoicing by NAS instead of submitting the filing fee with each petition form?

A: Yes, invoicing is available through prior consent. Invoices are mailed on a monthly basis. The terms are 30 days.

Q: How can I get my company to participate in the NAMIC Arbitration Service?

A: Just notify us that you would be interested in participating in the NAMIC Arbitration Service and we will contact the appropriate personnel within your office.

Q: If a prior suit has been dismissed, how long do I have to file arbitration?

A: Arbitration can be filed up to 60 days from the court’s dismissal date.

Q: If a company is listed on the signatory list, does that automatically include all companies under their ownership?

A: No. All signatory companies are listed individually. If a subsidiary is not listed, they are not signatory to the program, but may participate if both companies sign a Waiver of Non-Jurisdiction.

Q: What happens if a decision award is not paid after 30 days?

A: Once contacted, we send a courtesy letter and a second copy of the decision to the offending party. This usually results in payment. If not, the company is free to pursue other means of collection.

Q: What if I don’t have a denial letter?

A: Respondent’s denial of liability or rejection of the amount of damages claimed must be included in the Petitioner’s file. Subrogation notice from the opposing party is not sufficient to constitute denial. Constructive denial may be established where Petitioner has sent two subrogation demands within sixty (60) days. Respondent’s denial is not required in cases of medical payment only claims.

Q: If a company is signatory, which NAS forums are they signatory to?

A: All companies (unless otherwise specified) are signatory to: collision, medical payments where permitted by state law and third-party contribution claims.

Posted: Thursday, January 24, 2013 3:32:23 PM. Modified: Thursday, January 24, 2013 3:32:54 PM.

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