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Kansas: 2013 Legislative Preview, Part I

The Kansas Insurance Department hosted a meeting Sept. 12 to begin planning for the 2013 session. At the meeting, KID staff circulated an issues matrix to identify its 2013 priorities, concepts for legislation in future years, and insurance-related bills likely to be introduced next year by insurance stakeholders, including a "storm-scammer" bill.

During the discussion at the meeting, other issues were identified by attendees. This included civil justice reforms related to automobile insurance.

At this time the conversation remains very general. Legislative language and other proposals will come forth soon; they will be the subject of updates to this advisory.

KID identified a bill from the last session as its starting point for work on the NAIC's Model Holding Company Act. A copy can be accessed here. Persons who do not read Kansas legislation on a regular basis may be confused by the formatting and are invited to contact NAMIC if there is a question.

Capitol observers note that with the retirement of the House speaker and the defeat in the August primary of several members of the Senate Republican leadership, including the Senate President and the chairwoman of the Senate Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee, there is likely to be significant changes in the Legislature's priorities.

Mark Johnston
State Affairs Manager