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Illinois: NAMIC Endorses Workers' Compensation Rule to Prevent 'Repackaged' Drugs Mark-Up

NAMIC sent a letter Sept. 14 to the General Assembly's Joint Committee on Administrative Rules and to the state's Workers' Compensation Commission urging the adoption of a rule that implements the 2011 workers' compensation reforms that govern reimbursement for prescription drugs dispensed outside of a licensed pharmacy.

The statute and rule set reimbursement as the Average Wholesale Price for the drug plus a dispensing fee of $4.18. In cases where the drug has been "repackaged," the AWP is to be the same as the AWP for the underlying drug and not a higher amount, as is often the case.

NAMIC supports this important workers' compensation reform and will stay on top of the proposed rule as it winds its way through the regulatory process.

Mark Johnston
State Affairs Manager