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Special Session Fails to Pass Pit Bull Legislation

NAMIC members may recall that the Maryland Supreme Court released its Tracey v. Solesky decision creating strict liability for pit bulls and mixed breeds containing pit bull for all dog owners and landlords.

The decision created a great deal of controversy both for its extremity and for its large divergence from Maryland common law. NAMIC offered testimony to the legislative work group that took up this issue over the summer asking for a remedy to Solesky that would return Maryland to the common law treatment of dog liability.

Maryland had a special session to address this and some other issues during the last week, concluding at midnight last night. The body failed to pass any legislation relating to dog liability when they became deadlocked on the issue.

As a result, the Solesky standard will prevail as law as soon as the court rules on the currently filed motion to reconsider, which is expected very soon.

NAMIC will be working with our trade partners and members to readdress the issue of dog liability in Maryland in the 2013 session.

Contact: Erin Collins
State Affairs Manager