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Speed to Market Task Force to Take Up Confidentiality of Filings

New Hampshire Commissioner Roger A. Sevigny, chair of the Speed to Market (EX) Task Force, announced during this week’s task force meeting that it would take up the subject of public access to company filings in the near future.

Sevigny said he was interested in having a broad discussion about the public access issue. He suggested the possibility of the task force hosting a public hearing or conference call specifically devoted to the issue, “so we can move the ball forward, or not.”

There was no initial comment from task force members or interested parties, prompting Sevigny to express a hope for active participation in the future. “I really intend to fully vet this,” he said. He noted repeatedly that it is not up to the NAIC to make a determination as to public access but rather to individual states.

NAMIC will follow up with the task force and engage in whatever discussions take place on the matter.

Direct questions to State and Policy Affairs Counsel Paul Tetrault.

Posted: Thursday, March 08, 2012 11:08:09 AM.

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