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Oregon: PIP/UIM Bill Dies in Senate

NAMIC is pleased to inform its members that the Senate voted down HB 2821A on June 28 and was not reconsidered by the Senate within 24 hours as required by the rules, so the bill is dead for the year.

NAMIC, in conjunction with other stakeholders, actively lobbied against HB 2821A because it would have doubled the coverage period for PIP benefits, adversely impacted an insurer’s right to mitigate damages through subrogation, and would have prevented insurers from being able to assert a legal setoff to their UIM payment for the money the UIM policyholder received from the at-fault driver as part of the settlement of their legal damages.

Throughout the legislative session, NAMIC personally met with legislators to express concerns about the insurance rate cost-driver implications of the bill, submitted written testimony to legislative committees, and contributed financial resources to an insurance industry trade legal research project on how the bill violates the single-subject provision of the Oregon Constitution by addressing PIP coverage and UIM coverage.

Since HB 2821A is high on the trial bar’s legislative agenda, NAMIC will continue to work with other stakeholders to oppose this bill so that it doesn’t gain moment during the interim legislative session.

Christian J. Rataj
State Affairs Manager