Terms and Conditions for NAMIC Print & Digital Advertising or Sponsorship

Effective January 1, 2018

  1. Advertisements and sponsorships will be accepted only through the appropriate Insertion Order. General standards which govern the acceptance of advertisements and sponsorships include but are not limited to the following: advertisements and sponsorships shall be consistent with the mission of the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC), which “strengthens and supports its members and the mutual insurance industry”; advertising shall not be false, misleading, fraudulent, or deceptive; substantiation of any representation, claim, or statement made in or digitally linked from any advertisement or sponsorship may be required; and advertising must conform to reasonable standards of good taste.

  2. Contract space must be used within one (1) year from first insertion. Upon acknowledgment of any Insertion Order, NAMIC reserves the right to reject any advertisement or sponsorship that at its sole discretion conflicts with the association’s mission, content, format, style, or appearance of the advertising or sponsorship venue, or otherwise does not conform with reasonable standards of good taste. Advertiser, Sponsor, or Agency may cancel an order for advertising or sponsorship in writing only. No cancellation is considered accepted until confirmed in writing by NAMIC, If the Advertiser, sponsor, or Agency cancels, Advertiser, Sponsor, or Agency shall pay NAMIC a short rate equal to the difference between the rate earned under the contract and the rate applicable to the actual frequency of advertising or sponsorship determined in accordance with the appropriate rate card. Cancellations (as well as changed in insertion orders) will not be accepted by NAMIC after the closing dates (see Editorial Calendar for magazine closing dates; digital media closing dates are five business days prior to date sponsorship is scheduled to appear).

  3. NAMIC accepts advertorials for inclusion in IN magazine. In effort to keep advertorial copy consistent, accurate, and objective, IN magazine staff has established guidelines for advertorials. You can find those guidelines on page 7 of the Media Kit.

  4. The Advertiser, Sponsor, and/or Agency, jointly and severally, are liable for payment for all advertisements and sponsorships. First time insertions require complete prepayment by the scheduled closing date. Where credit is allowed, monthly accounts are due and payable upon receipt of invoice and considered past due if payment is not received within 30 days of invoice date. NAMIC reserves the right to contact the client directly when any account is 60 days past due.

  5. NAMIC shall not be bound by any condition, printed or otherwise, appearing on order blanks or copy instructions when such conditions conflict with the provisions set forth here.

    Advertisements and sponsorships may appear at discounted rates or on a complimentary basis, and are placed on a “space available” basis on a schedule and in positions selected at the discretion of NAMIC.

  6. All advertisements and sponsorships are published or digitally posted on the representation of the Advertiser, Sponsor, and/ or Agency that each is authorized to publish or digitally post the entire contents and subject matter of the advertisement or sponsorship.

  7. The Advertiser, Sponsors, and/or Agency agree not to make any promotional reference to NAMIC without the prior permission of NAMIC for each such use.

  8. Magazine advertising which is deemed by NAMIC to simulate editorial content must display the caption ‘ADVERTISEMENT’ in not less that ten (10) point, all caps, bold san serif type at the top of the advertisement.

  9. NAMIC assumes no duty or liability for uncorrected errors in content provided for any advertisement or sponsorship, or for failure to publish advertisements/sponsorships due to acts of God, strikes, accidents, or other occurrences beyond NAMIC’s control. Any failure to publish invalidates the insertion order but shall not constitute a breach of contract. Whenever possible, failure to publish in any particular issue or issues shall be made up or rate adjusted. In no event shall NAMIC be liable for any damages, including but not limited to consequential damages, arising from failure to publish, in part or in whole, any advertisement or sponsorship.

    The Advertiser, Sponsor and/or Agency, jointly and severally, shall indemnify and hold harmless NAMIC, its officers, agents, and employees against claims, suites, expenses (including legal fees), and losses resulting from the failure of the advertisement or sponsorship to appear, inc

  10. NAMIC will not be mediator of any disagreements between reader and advertiser or sponsor. Any complaint between reader and advertiser or sponsor is to be handled directly with the parties involved.

  11. These terms and conditions are subject to change without advance notice.


Jo Harvey
Sponsorship Development Specialist