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Comments Requested on Proposed Rules That Will Affect Insurers Handling Vehicles After an Accident

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation formally published on Sept. 14 proposed changes to Chapter 85 of the vehicle storage regulations. In one of the changes, TDLR will now be able to assess fines against claims adjusters who are found to have misused the vehicle release form promulgated by TDLR. Further, these same adjusters will have found to have engaged in "fraudulent and dishonest conduct." Such findings could create compliance issues for the adjuster with the TDI.

NAMIC plans to file formal comments to these proposed changes. NAMIC members affected by these changes are asked to provide me with their concerns to be incorporated in our formal comments. We will work with TDI to express our concerns that another government agency is taking steps to regulate adjusters in the course of handling insurance matters.

In order to timely incorporate industry concerns, please share your concerns with me no later than September 28.

Contact: Paul Martin
State Affairs Manager