State Legislator of the Year

State Legislator of the Year State Legislator of the Year

The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies annually reviews its state legislative activities and the progress made on its agenda in the states. As a part of this review, the role of state legislators who have supported our agenda during the year is also analyzed. Legislators who have provided unparalleled leadership to protect and advance a financially sound, competitive, and ethical insurance marketplace may be considered for a NAMIC “State Legislator of the Year” award.

The 2017 recipients – Sen. Jason Rapert and Illinois state Sen. Bill Haine were selected by the NAMIC Board of Directors for their leadership in promoting and protecting competitive insurance markets. They have shown strong leadership on issues affecting insurance public policy throughout the course of their careers in public service, and they have tirelessly worked on important pieces of legislation that have strengthened the insurance markets in Arkansas and Illinois to the benefit of both the insurance companies and the policyholders.