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Unified Investigations & Sciences

3000 - A Shawnee Industrial Way
Suite 120
Suwanee, GA  30024

Telephone: 404-435-3334

Website: http://www.uis-usa.com

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About our Company

Unified Investigations & Sciences, Inc. is an independent forensic engineering and investigations company that provides a wide spectrum of cause and origin services at competitive prices. Our mission is to provide our clients with forensic analyses and investigations that are the highest quality in the industry. Unified maintains a network of licensed fire investigators and registered professional engineers from coast to coast. Our highly trained professionals ensure the timely and expert response that clients need, anytime, anywhere. Unified can positively impact your investigative needs by responding to scenes within 24 hours of receiving an assignment. This is the objective for the entire Unified investigative staff and we will tell you up-front if we cannot do so. Our goal is to protect your evidence with a rapid response. Unified’s personnel handle assignments with attention to detail and evidentiary excellence. Clients are provided with verbal status reports from the scene, and interim status reports throughout the investigation. Unified conducts investigations utilizing scientific methods and procedures. Our investigators and engineers are expert at NFPA 921. The critical pieces of evidence will be admissible in a court of law and every judge and jury will understand the facts. Quality Assurance (Best Practices) is the center piece of our corporate philosophy all reports are peer reviewed prior to submission to our clients. We also complete a bi-annual quality assurance scorecard for our offices, and each employee. Best practice audits cover our file handling capabilities from assignment acknowledgement, activity reports, maintenance logs, evidence storage logs, collection activity and file security and storage. Please visit our website at www.uis-usa.com to learn more about our company. Thank you for your interest in Unified Investigations & Sciences, for your forensic engineering needs.

317.875.5250 - Indianapolis  |  202.628.1558 - Washington, D.C.

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