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NEFCO Fire Investigations

P. O. Box 7399
Rochester, NH  03839

Telephone: (973) 617-6202

Website: http://www.nefco.net

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About our Company

NEFCO Fire Investigations provides the most certified fire investigators per square mile throughout our coverage area.  All NEFCO investigators are local experts, W2 employees and average 20+ years in fire or police services.  Currently, our average report turnaround time is less than 10 days.  It is also worth mentioning that my team has completed over 13,000 fire investigations and has never failed a "Daubert Challenge".  NEFCO's team consists of 65 certified fire investigators, certified vehicle fire investigators and electrical engineers covering more than 1/2 of the United States.  Since 1993, NEFCO has helped recover hundreds of millions of dollars for major insurance companies and the nation's top subrogation law firms. NEFCO's "court-qualified" investigators specialize in Large Losses, are well versed in NFPA 921 and diligently pursue potential subrogation. All NEFCO fire investigators are CFI, CFEI or both.

317.875.5250 - Indianapolis  |  202.628.1558 - Washington, D.C.

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