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6070 Greenwood Plaza Blvd
Suite 200
Greenwood Village, CO  80111

Telephone: 303-733-1888

Website: http://www.kineticorp.com

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About our Company

Kineticorp is a forensic engineering firm that provides accident reconstruction services throughout the United States. We use cutting-edge technology in both engineering and visualization to analyze evidence, determine its significance, and communicate our findings clearly. Our extensive toolbox contains computer modeling techniques, photogrammetry technology, dynamic simulation tools, and in-depth engineering analysis.  Our experts testify in the area of accident reconstruction on cases that involve post-collision fires, tire disablements, rollovers, and alleged restraint system defects. Kineticorp investigates accidents for automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, buses, trains, cranes, and more. Our engineers have produced animations for Dateline and the Discovery Channel. Kineticorp has testified in hundreds of cases throughout the world.  www.kineticorp.com

317.875.5250 - Indianapolis  |  202.628.1558 - Washington, D.C.

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