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Armstrong Forensic Laboratory, Inc.

330 Loch'n Green Trail
Arlington, TX  76012

Telephone: 817-275-2691

Website: http://www.AFLab.com

Visit us at Booth(s) 28

About our Company

Armstrong Forensic Laboratory, Inc. (Armstrong) is a full service multi-disciplinary analytical laboratory and from its beginnings in 1975, Armstrong was launched to support arson investigators with fire cause determinations.  Through the launch of MyFireTesting.com, Armstrong has further expanded its support of the public and private investigator by offering fire debris cans (both lined and unlined) along with self-contained kits for arson investigation, vehicle fluid analysis and paint transfer analysis.  Armstrong has maintained an excellent reputation in these areas by always following four simple rules; Fact is Facts, ? Tell the Truth, ? I Don’t Know is a Good Answer and ? When in Doubt or When in Trouble, see Rule #1.

317.875.5250 - Indianapolis  |  202.628.1558 - Washington, D.C.

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