Accepting The Challenge: Redefining State Regulation Now

Accepting The Challenge: Redefining State Regulation Now


NAMIC expresses its appreciation to the member companies who contributed to this project by answering the survey questionnaire. We also wish to thank several representatives from those companies who also agreed to review early drafts of the report and to offer their valuable insights. The Report is better as a result of their contributions. Special thanks also should be extended to L. Gerald Roach, president of the Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia and to Dr. Robert W. Klein, Associate Professor of Risk Management and Insurance and Director of the Center for Risk Management and Insurance Research at Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Roach provided some valuable insights into the early stages of this process while Dr. Klein reviewed later drafts of the report. The comments of both individuals were equally invaluable in the preparation of this final draft.

Larry L. Forrester
President, NAMIC

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Neal Alldredge
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