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May 13, 2009

NAMIC Minnesota Action Alert

On Tuesday, the Senate debated HF 417, the “One Way Loser Pays” bill. Due in large part to the grassroots effort made by NAMIC members in Minnesota and our allies in the business community, the Senate voted 32-31 to strip the attorneys fees provision from the bill. While we are not completely out of the woods yet, this is a major victory. Thanks to everyone who helped.


Just as it is important to let our legislators know our opinion on an issue, it is also important to thank them when they do the right thing, especially when they are being pressured by a powerful special interest like the trial bar.

Legislators are often the subject of unfair attacks, and they will appreciate the consideration. It will also let them know you are a friend so the next time you discuss an issue with them, they will give your opinion the value and respect it deserves.

Below is a list of the senators who voted to remove the unfair attorneys fees provision. Please take a few minutes to thank them by letter, email, phone, or in person. Do this even if you were unable to contact them earlier on the vote.

  • Bonoff
  • Clark
  • Day
  • Dille
  • Doll
  • Fischbach
  • Fobbe
  • Frederickson
  • Gerlach
  • Gimse
  • Hann
  • Ingebrigtsen
  • Johnson
  • Jungbauer
  • Koch
  • Koering
  • Kubly
  • Limmer
  • Lourey
  • Michel
  • Moua
  • Murphy
  • Olson, G.
  • Pogemiller
  • Robling
  • Rosen
  • Saltzman
  • Scheid
  • Senjem
  • Sheran
  • Vandeveer
  • Wiger

To assist you with identifying and contacting your senator, please visit

Again, this was a significant victory. Thank you for your efforts in making it happen.

Direct questions to NAMIC State Affairs Manager Mark Johnston.