Congress Temporarily Extends Flood Program Again

With a looming expiration date of October 31, 2009, the National Flood Insurance Program will once again be temporarily extended through December 18, 2009. Both chambers of Congress have passed H.R. 2996, the Interior and Environment appropriations bill, which includes a continuing resolution, extending government spending and the NFIP through December 18, 2009. The measure is expected to be signed by President Obama tomorrow, in time to avoid a government shutdown and the expiration of important programs such as the NFIP.

A few years ago, the NFIP lapsed because temporary flood extensions were pushed to a December date, but NAMIC has been promised by Senator Reid that the program will not be allowed to expire again. Congress continues to temporarily extend the program until passage of a broader reauthorization and reform piece of legislation can be agreed upon by both chambers. NAMIC will continue to push for a long term extension that does not include wind coverage, but does include necessary reforms, including the forgiveness of the program’s now $20 billion in debt.

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