Rhode Island: Governor’s Insurance Council Seeking Information for Post-Disaster Planning

Rhode Island Governor’s Insurance Council’s coastal issues task force has requested NAMIC’s assistance in collecting information regarding insurers’ level of interest in participating in an “insurance village” that would be established following a disaster such as a hurricane.

The task force’s recently developed Disaster Preparedness Plan of Operations addresses, in part, the concept of establishing an insurance village as a central, easily accessible location near the disaster area where insurance carriers and agencies could set up post-disaster claims handling facilities following a disaster.

The village would likely also include participation by public-sector agencies, such as the Red Cross, and local banks.

The task force has asked for NAMIC’s assistance in determining (1) the interest of members in participating in an insurance village in Rhode Island, and (2) the amount of space participating members might need at such a site.

NAMIC members can forward responses to NAMIC State Affairs Manager Paul Tetrault. Collected responses will be forwarded to task force chair Paula Pallozzi, chief property/casualty insurance rate analyst at the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation. The task force has asked that information be provided by Dec. 31.

Direct questions to NAMIC State Affairs Manager Paul Tetrault.