Contact Senators to Oppose Auto Appraisal Bill

The Rhode Island Senate is poised to take up adverse legislation, H-5892A, Tuesday, June 30 that would require auto insurers to have an independent appraisal conducted for all collision repairs that have initial estimates exceeding $2,000.

NAMIC is urging all members doing business in Rhode Island to contact senators by phone or email to oppose this legislation that would drive up Rhode Island’s already high auto repair costs. Access a complete list of Senate members online.

Of critical importance are communications to the following Senate leaders:

The bill would make it an unfair claim practice for an insurer to fail to have an independent appraisal of vehicles that sustain damage in excess of $2,000. It would also make it an unfair claims settlement practice for an insurer to fail to perform a supplemental appraisal inspection of a vehicle within 48 hours after requested by the auto body repair shop.

Communications to Senate members should stress that the bill is anti-consumer and unnecessary; it would increase the costs of repair that are ultimately borne by consumers; it would interfere with the efficient functioning of the claims process and produce delays; and it would particularly affect direct repair programs that enhance consumer convenience and promote choices in the marketplace.

Direct questions to NAMIC State Affairs Manager Paul Tetrault.