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Arkansas House to Consider Accident Response Fee Ban

Arkansas HB 1895, an Act to Prohibit the Imposition of an Accident Response Service Fee, will be considered by the House tomorrow morning.

NAMIC’s 2006 issue brief on municipal accident response fees detailed the alarming trend of double taxation by cities, towns, and counties that implement such fees. Since that time, even more municipalities have jumped on the bandwagon, especially now that government budgets are strapped for cash. However, accident response fees have been banned by state legislatures in Tennessee, Missouri, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. Legislation is pending in Florida and Alabama.

No municipalities in Arkansas have instituted accident response fees, so now is the time to make certain the practice will not take hold in the state.

HB 1895 will ensure Arkansas citizens are not subject to double taxation for core government services.

I urge you to contact your member of the Arkansas House of Representatives before session begins tomorrow morning and ask him or her to vote in favor of HB 1895.

Please let me know if you are able to make contact and if you have any questions. Thank you for your help.