Nebraska: DOI Issues Dwelling Fire Form and Rate Filing Checklist

December 15, 2017 The Nebraska Department of Insurance recently issued a checklist for dwelling fire form and rate filing requirements... Read more

In Big Data (EX) Working Group NAMIC Opposes Predictive Analytics Proposal

August 16, 2017 NAMIC expressed strong concerns to the Big Data (EX) Working Group... Read more

Oregon: NAMIC-Supported Bill to Modernize Rating, Form Filings for Commercial Insurance Passes, as Amended, out of Senate

April 27, 2017 NAMIC-supported SB 985, which would exempt insurers that transact certain classes of commercial insurance from the requirement to file rates or policy forms for... Read more

Commercial Lines Modernization to Review Recommendations

November 12, 2014 The Commercial Lines (EX) Working Group will review comments on its draft recommendations to its parent Speed to Market (EX) Task Force when it meets Nov. 15. NAMIC submitted comments to the working group on Nov. 5 addressing two points in the draft rec... Read more

Florida: Omnibus Sacrificed to Maintain Salary Tax Credit; Two Tort Reform Bills Pass

May 6, 2013 The 2013 Florida legislative session ended Friday evening after several days of “chicken” between the House and Senate on the Senate’s push to repeal the salary tax credit for insurers, SB 1832. Ultimately, the House was successful in maintaining the cr... Read more

Florida: Pre-Session Committee Work Continues

February 19, 2013 More insurance-related bills continue to be introduced and relevant committees continue to meet and move legislation prior to the March 5 start date of the Florida General Assembly. Senate Banking and Insurance Committee Chair David Simmons’ package to ... Read more

Florida: Governor Emphasizes ‘Speed-to-Market’ During Insurance Summit

December 4, 2012 Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced Nov. 30 an agreement with the Office of Insurance Regulation to streamline “speed-to-market” approval of most property/casualty insurance forms by eliminating the case law compliance certification. He noted that the agr... Read more