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Audra Carrel

Audra Carrel
NAMIC Public Affairs
Assistant Vice President - Marketing & Communications Technology

Telephone: 317.876.4265

Technical Publications

Members Only NAMIC Investment Handbook (Volume Descriptions)

NAMIC Reference Series: NAMIC Farm Inspection & Loss Prevention Manual

The NAMIC Farm Inspection and Loss Prevention Manual is designed to help agents, producers, loss control personnel and farm underwriters make more informed decisions when evaluating physical farm risks. The Manual contains a wealth of technical information and provides practical knowledge concerning potentially hazardous conditions commonly encountered when inspecting or underwriting rural properties.

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NAMIC Reference Series: NAMIC Farm Underwriting Guide

The NAMIC Farm Underwriting Guide is designed to help managers, farm underwriters, and inspectors make more informed decisions when evaluating farm risks from physical and liability standpoints. The Guide contains a wealth of technical information and delivers practical knowledge concerning the insurance application; the insurance contract; the gathering of loss history and applicant information; the inspection program; and the establishment of proper values on the property to be insured.

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Online Version Features for Both Guides

  • Completely searchable text with natural language searches
  • External links are provided to offer more information on available topics
  • Sample forms and images included
  • Print by topic or print the entire manual
  • Interactive Table of Contents
  • Comprehensive Glossary of Terms (NAMIC Farm Underwriting Guide only)

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