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"Meeting with lawmakers face-to-face is one of the most powerful tools to having one’s voice heard," said Carl Parks, NAMIC’s senior vice president for government affairs. "By educating and building bipartisan relationships with members of Congress, participants in CCP can have a significant impact on legislation affecting the entire property/casualty insurance industry."

Now in its 22nd year, NAMIC’s CCP has been a valuable resource to Congress on many important issues of the day, such as terrorism reinsurance legislation, insurance regulation, class-action reform, asbestos and small-company tax exemption. This year is no exception.

"With serious threats to the state-based regulatory system under attack, CCP’s value is obvious now, more than ever," Parks said. "Having this turnkey operation already well established puts us ahead of the curve on getting our message out."

CCP was the first state-specific grassroots lobbying program in the insurance industry in Washington, D.C. It began in 1984 with just one state, Kansas, that wanted to establish a closer relationship with its federal representatives. Today, NAMIC members from nearly every state come to Washington each year to lobby on Capitol Hill.

"In today’s political environment, voting is not enough to ensure that your views will be known to legislators," said NAMIC President and CEO Chuck Chamness. "Voting may help you elect the right people, but by itself, it is no guarantee that the elected officials know about the important issues facing the property/casualty industry or understand the impact that specific legislation will have on your company and your community."

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