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John K. Smith Presented 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award from the IEI and NAMIC

President and CEO of Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company is Champion of Educational Pursuits and Tireless Advocate for the Mission of the Insurance Education Institute (IEI)

TAMPA, Fla. (September 19, 2006)—John K. Smith, CPCU, CRM, CIC, president and CEO of Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company, Philadelphia, Pa., was presented the 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of the IEI and NAMIC.

Making the presentation was Chairman of the IEI, Barbara Baurer, COO of Country Insurance and Financial Services, Bloomington, Ill., and former board member of NAMIC.

Baurer explained that the IEI believes that it is not only its mission to educate teachers and students about insurance and risk management principles, but also to pay tribute to industry leaders who champion the mission of the IEI, and who stand solidly behind the IEI with financial support. One benchmark for the “Lifetime Achievement Award” is the level of commitment and support that an individual and company make to insurance education.

“Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company is a ‘summa cum laude’ supporter of the mission of the IEI, the highest level of financial support a company can achieve,” said Baurer.

She was quick to point out; however, “Decisions about whether to support causes are not made by companies, but rather by individuals within companies. John Smith has made decisions to support educational endeavors during his entire career.”

Smith earned his undergraduate degree from Rider University and his MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.

Baurer continued, “Once John entered the insurance business, he quickly recognized that educational tools were available to enhance his skills and abilities. He first obtained his CPCU designation, then his CIC; and as recently as 2004, became a CRM – he never stops seeking to learn!”

Baurer detailed other ways that Smith gives back to the industry - through his service to several industry organizations. He serves on the board of the Pennsylvania Association of Mutual Insurance Companies, is on the boards of the Insurance Society of Philadelphia, The Firemen’s Hall Museum and the Central New Jersey Council for the Boy Scouts of America.

“Along with these activities,” said Baurer, “John still takes the time to serve on NAMIC committees. His involvement includes the committee that planned a very successful 2005 Management Conference in Nemacolin, Pa.”

“John truly ‘walks the talk’ about the value and need for education and professional development. He serves as a role model for others within the Pennsylvania Lumbermens Companies, NAMIC, and the entire industry,” she concluded.

NAMIC’s Chairman, Robert A. Wadsworth, CPCU, CIC, offered his congratulations to Smith as well.

“NAMIC is pleased to be a major supporter of the IEI and we are thrilled to be a part of awarding John Smith the 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award. The IEI and NAMIC collaborate to recognize an individual from within the NAMIC membership who has been a champion of education and professional development and whose company has been a strong supporter of the IEI, and John certainly deserves this honor and distinction.”

History of IEI

In 1988, the insurance industry was reeling from negative publicity as a result of the liability crisis, rampant litigation and a Congress that had no understanding of how the insurance process worked. A group of industry leaders, spearheaded by Jim Osborne, a former NAMIC chairman and Hap Walters, former NAMIC president, decided it was time to organize an initiative to educate consumers about insurance and risk management.

From that idea, the The Insurance Education Foundation (IEF) was formed. It launched an education program focused on high school teachers and students. During the next 18 years, the IEF educated more than 3,000 high school teachers. Millions of high school students benefited from that instruction.

During the past year, the board decided to change the name of the organization to the Insurance Education Institute to more accurately reflect the academic and educational focus of the organization.

To illustrate the reach of the IEI’s initiatives:

In 2006, 204 high school teachers graduated from the Institute. The IEI projects that during the academic year, those 204 teachers will reach more than 15,000 students with the education and information learned about insurance and risk management knowledge.

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