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NAMIC Annual Convention - Where The Industry Comes Together, A NAMIC Event | September 21-24, 2013 | National Harbor, Md.

The sessions and activities on this agenda are open to NAMIC members, convention attendees, and invited guests. Convention credentials are required to be worn at all times. Members of the press should contact NAMIC Public Affairs for a schedule of sessions and other activities that are open to media coverage.

119th Annual Convention Speakers

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Convention Concurrent Session Topics

Monday, September 22, 2014

1:30 - 3:00 p.m.

Financial Management
This session is required for those registered for PFMM Courses at Convention.
This session will explore the basics of statutory accounting as well as provide guidance to interpret and analyze financial information that is essential for management decision making. This course will move beyond just statutory financial reporting, but to harness and utilize financial information and convert it to making operational decisions, such as premium growth, and rate adequacy. All discussed during the session will be some forecasting and how to put together basic forecasted budgets and gain an understanding of the financial impact, using ratios as well as other tools.

Leon L. Rives II, CPA, Managing Partner
Rives & Associates, LLP
Lexington, N.C.


1:45 - 2:45 p.m.

Advocacy Sessions

  1. ORSA & Operations

    The Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) is one element of a broader international regulatory effort affecting U.S. companies that will require insurers to continuously bolster their ERM practices, requiring insurers to check the current and future alignment between their risk management policy and their solvency position, and require insurers to demonstrate a firm understanding of the risks they face. What exactly is ORSA? Why it is being rolled out? Who does it affect? This panel session will give attendees the answers from multiple viewpoints, describing the potential impacts of ORSA on insurance companies.

    Jon Huff, Missouri Commissioner of Insurance
    Columbia, Mo.

    James Loring, CFO
    Amica Mutual Insurance Company
    Providence, R.I.

    Carlos Rodriges, President & CEO
    North Waterloo Farmers Mutual Insurance Company
    Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

    Michelle Rogers, Director of Financial & Regulatory Policy
    Indianapolis, Ind.

    Moderator: Neil Alldredge, Senior Vice President – State & Policy Affairs
    Indianapolis, Ind.

  2. Small Company Advocacy Issue


3:15 - 4:30 p.m.

Concurrent Sessions

  1. Audit/Accounting/Investment for Directors

    Sarah McConnell, Principal
    Johnson Lambert LLP
    Falls Church, Va.

    Michael Stellato, Lead Consultant
    The Concord Advisory Group, Ltd.
    Princeton, N.J.

  2. Weather Trends

    The amount of progress weather science is making in the field of warning of extreme storms can only be described in one word: breathtaking. Whether the warning of Super Storm Sandy, saving more than 200 lives in the November 2013 Midwest tornadoes, or an ordinary hailstorm that would cause millions of losses to the property and casualty insurance industry, warnings of unprecedented accuracy are being made. Rapidly, weather science is becoming a highly useful tool to allow the insurance industry to better serve its clientele and to limit exposure to extreme weather. Mike Smith will present techniques for applying this new science to challenges faced by the insurance industry.

    Michael R. Smith, CCM, Senior Vice President/Chief Innovation Executive
    Johnson Lambert LLP
    AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions
    Wichita, Kan.

  3. The Future of Cars and Homes

    Thomas Frey, Senior Futurist
    DaVinci Institute
    Louisville, Colo.

  4. Cloud Issues and Risks

    R. Christopher Haines, Vice President
    Marias Technology
    Piqua, Ohio

  5. Financial Management (continued)
    This session is required for those registered for PFMM Courses at Convention

    Leon L. Rives II, CPA, Managing Partner
    Rives & Associates, LLP
    Lexington, N.C.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

10:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

Past, Present, and Future of the Farm Mutual
This session is required for those registered for PFMM Courses at Convention

Brent Bahler, Vice President – Public Affairs
Indianapolis, Ind.

10:30 - 11:45 p.m.

Concurrent Sessions

  1. Employee Engagement

    Employee engagement and satisfaction can have a significant impact on your company’s operations. This interactive session will discuss ways to interact with employees of varying engagement levels through a case study, impact video, and class exercises that embolden learning. Attendees will leave with individual action plan.

    Dr. Cubie Davis King, PhD., Performance Improvement Technologist
    Gold Crown Communications
    La Jolla, Calif.

  2. Top Five Operational Issues

    This session is designed to provide short yet high-impact presentations on topics that are of the greatest operational importance to company leaders. Topics to be covered include governance, regulation, rate adequacy, growth, and agent relations.

    Emily Huling, President
    Selling Strategies, Inc.
    Terrell, N.C.

    Kevin Kinross, Attorney
    Bricker & Eckler, LLP
    Columbus, Ohio

    Leon L. Rives II, CPA, Managing Partner
    Rives & Associates, LLP
    Lexington, N.C.

  3. Driverless Cars & Crash Avoidance Technology – Insuring the Cars of the Future

    New vehicles are hitting the market with advanced crash avoidance features and experts predict driverless cars will be hitting the roads in the immediate future. What does this mean to the future of insurance? This session will provide insight on these new technologies and discuss the potential implications to insurers surrounding the changes in automobiles.

    Scott Nelson, CEO
    MILE Auto Insurance
    Atlanta, Ga.

    Maarten Sierhuis, Director Nissan Research Center Silicon Valley
    Nissan North America
    Silicon Valley, Calif.

  4. Mergers & Amalgamations for Mutual Advantage

    During this session attendees will have the opportunity to hear from company representatives that have recently undergone the merger and amalgamation process, or are considering it in the near future. The panelists will share and discuss their perspectives of the thought processes that went into the board decision to consolidate, including issues such as:

    • What led to this decision?

    • What type of analysis should be conducted?

    • What other boards need to know if considering this

    • What could be done differently the next time

    • Impact from a reinsurance company standpoint?

    • Policyholder issues or challenges?

    Terry Malcolm, Chairman
    Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group
    Lindsay, Ontario, Canada

    Tim Shauf, President & CEO
    Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group
    Lindsay, Ontario, Canada

    Moderator: Skip Hagerty, Partner
    Philo Smith & Company
    Stamford, Conn.

  5. Reinsurance Solutions

    Join us for this interactive panel session on a topic of importance to all insurance company leaders. The session incorporates audience response technology and other technology to ensure the audience is involved and gets the answers they need. The three core subjects the session will address are the various ways to use reinsurance to increase capacity, smooth results, and manage catastrophe exposures.

    Marty Arnold, Senior Vice President Underwriting
    SECURA Insurance
    Madison, Wis.

    Steven Sliver, CEO
    Mutual Benefit Group
    Huntingdon, Pa.

    John Smith, President & CEO
    Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company
    Philadelphia, Pa.

    Moderator: John DeMartini, Executive Vice President
    JTL Towers Re
    Stamford, Conn.

1:00 - 2:15 p.m.

Concurrent Sessions

  1. Maximizing Your NAMIC Membership

    Join us for an interactive session learning ways to maximize your NAMIC membership and the many ways this 119 year old organization continues to develop and evolve. NAMIC membership staff will discuss a variety of resources available at your fingertips including free to low cost options.

    Kristen Spriggs, Vice President – Member Development
    Indianapolis, Ind.

    Terry Suttner, Vice President – Membership
    Indianapolis, Ind.

  2. Changing Agent Distribution Channels

    Join us for this interactive and engaging conversation on the changes impacting distribution channels. The session will begin with an overview of Agents of the Future: The Evolution of Property and Casualty Insurance Distribution, a report published by McKinsey and Company that discusses four major trends that are transforming the agent’s traditional role:

    • A diminished role in risk selection and pricing

    • The rise of multichannel

    • The ascendance of the carrier brand

    • Commoditization in personal auto

    Participating in the discussion will representatives from industry trade organizations as well as property/casualty insurance company representatives that utilize direct and captive agent models to provide diversity of perspective.

    Dave Evans
    Washington, D.C.

    Johnny Lee, Senior Vice President
    Lee-Curtis Freeman Graves & Hall
    Fredericksburg, Va.

    Bob Rusbuldt, CEO
    Washington, D.C.

  3. Emerging Risks

    This session will focus on general emerging risk issues. The issues discussed will have an impact on both commercial and personal lines. The presentation will allow for flexibility for audience questions and feedback.

    Charlie Kingdollar, Vice President
    General Reinsurance Corporation
    Stamford, Conn.

  4. Small Company Manager Conflict of Interest

    David Sanders, President
    Dmaeio Consulting
    Indianapolis, Ind.

  5. Strategic Business Planning

    Jim Kennedy, President & CEO
    Ohio Mutual Insurance Company
    Bucyrus, Ohio

  6. Corporate Governance
    This session is required for those registered for PFMM Courses at Convention.

    Kevin Kinross, Attorney
    Bricker & Eckler, LLP
    Columbus, Ohio

3:30 - 5:00 p.m.

Corporate Governance (continued)
This session is required for those registered for PFMM Courses at Convention.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

1:30 - 3:00 p.m.

This session is required for those registered for PFMM Courses at Convention.

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