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RE: Proposed Federal Regulations for Commercial Drone Use

“NAMIC applauds the new unmanned aircraft systems, or ‘drone,’ rules proposed by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Transportation to enable responsible business, academic, and research and development flights that are hampered by the current regulatory framework. (Posted: 2/16/2015 11:57:10 AM)

RE: HUD Request to Delay Action on Disparate Impact Rule

“NAMIC's successful challenge that resulted in a federal district court vacating the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s disparate impact rule has been appealed, but now the government wants to put its own appeal on hold. (Posted: 1/26/2015 3:26:07 PM)

Re: TRIA Reauthorization Signed Into Law

With the threat of terrorism continuing to be all too significant, it is vitally important that our nation employs every measure to protect ourselves and to ensure that we can recover should the worst happen. (Posted: 1/13/2015 8:53:10 AM)

NAMIC Statement on Latest CFA Study

“It is hard to take seriously a survey that asks consumers to determine a ‘fair’ price for insurance coverage – any more than one would take seriously a survey that asked people to determine the ‘fair’ price of a gallon of gasoline or the ‘fair’ price of an airline ticket for a roundtrip between Dallas and Cleveland. (Posted: 9/29/2014 2:43:26 PM)

Re: House Passage of the Farm Bill, H.R. 2642

“The crop insurance program is a vital safety net for farmers across the country, and NAMIC applauds today’s vote by the House to approve the farm bill and provide stability for the program for the next five years.” (Posted: 1/29/2014 12:06:30 PM)

NAMIC Statement on Flood Insurance Reform Delay Provision in Omnibus Spending Bill

“Any delay to the reforms approved by Congress in the Biggert-Waters Act of 2012 only serves to put the taxpayers at risk if having to again bail out the National Flood Insurance Program should a major flood occur during the spring thaw or the 2014 hurricane season. (Posted: 1/14/2014 1:45:57 PM)

NAMIC Responds to CFA Report on Credit-based Insurance Scoring

The report released today by the Consumer Federation of America purports to answer three questions about automobile insurers’ use of credit scores. But it conspicuously neglects to ask the most important question: Are credit scores useful in assessing the likelihood that a driver will file a claim? (Posted: 12/11/2013 2:53:36 PM)

Efforts to Delay Implementation of NFIP Reforms Under the Biggert-Waters Act

“NAMIC strongly urges Congress to resist any efforts to delay the reforms adopted under the Biggert-Waters Act, which was passed only a year ago with overwhelming bipartisan support. What NAMIC argued then holds true today, that these reforms are vital to moving the NFIP toward fiscal stability and reducing the need for additional taxpayer funded bailouts. (Posted: 9/18/2013 10:26:36 AM)

NAMIC Responds to Latest CFA Survey

“The Consumer Federation of America’s news release describes the ‘findings’ of ‘a new analysis’ that the organization claims to have performed regarding insurers’ use of an individual’s level of education and occupation as rating factors for automobile insurance. (Posted: 7/23/2013 8:09:21 AM)

NAMIC Statement on FSB Designation of Global Insurers as ‘Systemically Important’

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 19, 2013 – Charles M. Chamness, president and CEO of the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies, issued a statement with respect to the Financial Stability Board’s initial list of “global-systemically important insurers” and the International Association of Insurance Supervisors publishing its G-SII assessment methodology and attendant policies. (Posted: 7/19/2013 3:07:33 PM)

FIO Annual Report (6/12/2013 2:16:57 PM)

NAMIC Encouraged by NFIP Vote, Encourages Safe Building Incentives in Future Sandy Bill (1/3/2013 1:49:27 PM)

Congressional Passage of SMART Act (12/26/2012 10:20:24 AM)

"Super Storm" Sandy and Hurricane Deductibles (11/11/2012 7:59:31 PM)

House Adopts NFIP Reform, 60-Day Extension (5/30/2012 9:16:06 PM)

NAMIC Comments on Senate Passage of NFIP Extension (5/24/2012 4:12:10 PM)

NAMIC Comments on House Passage of 30-Day NFIP Extension (5/17/2012 4:20:26 PM)

NAMIC Responds to FSOC Adoption of Final Rule for 'SIFI' Designation of Non-Bank Institutions (4/3/2012 3:48:32 PM)

NAMIC CEO Calls for NFIP Vote at Senate News Conference (2/14/2012 11:45:22 AM)

NAMIC Responds to State of the Union Address (1/25/2012 3:28:39 PM)

NAMIC Comments on Recess Appointment of CFPB Head (1/4/2012 5:34:20 PM)

NAMIC: Short-Term Extension No Substitute for Real Flood Insurance Reform (11/18/2011 12:10:27 PM)

NAMIC Comments on FACI Appointments (11/2/2011 2:54:36 PM)

NAMIC: McRaith's Testimony Shows Understanding of FIO's Intended Role (10/25/2011 2:36:32 PM)

Proposed FSOC Guidance for 'SIFI' Designation of Non-Bank Financial Companies (10/12/2011 10:32:43 AM)

Sec. Geithner's Testimony on the FSOC Annual Report (10/6/2011 12:19:20 PM)

The Senate Should Act Swiftly to Confirm Woodall (9/8/2011 11:23:38 AM)

Strong Building Codes are Among the Best Protections against Natural Disasters (8/25/2011 2:49:01 PM)

NAMIC Calls For Swift Confirmation of Woodall (7/26/2011 12:18:25 PM)

Passage of HR 1309, “The Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2011” by the House Financial Services Committee (5/16/2011 10:25:08 AM)

Senate Banking Committee Hearing “Oversight of Dodd-Frank Implementation: Monitoring Systemic Risk and Promoting Financial Stability (5/12/2011 4:12:39 PM)

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