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RE: Florida Senate Bill 378, repeal of the premium tax credit for employing Floridians

“We are disappointed that the Florida Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Finance and Tax approved SB 378, which would repeal a decades-old premium tax credit for... (Posted: 3/21/2017 11:53:45 AM)

Montana: NAMIC-Supported Workers' Comp Fraud Bill Passes Out of House Committee

SB 184, Workers' Compensation, Termination of Payments Due to Fraud, which NAMIC has been actively supporting, has passed out of the House Committee on... (Posted: 3/20/2017 10:30:16 AM)

NAMIC Responds to Covered Agreement Announcement

"The Covered Agreement announced today was conceived in Dodd-Frank as a proposed solution to an invented problem - the question of European regulators deeming our regulatory system equivalent. Because the agreement has the authority to... (Posted: 1/13/2017 1:44:26 PM)

Insurers Prepared for Hurricane Matthew Response

Our thoughts and prayers are with the millions of people who are in the path of this potentially devastating storm. Right now the focus is... (Posted: 10/6/2016 3:26:14 PM)

NAMIC Welcomes Altmaier as new Florida Insurance Commissioner

"NAMIC is pleased to welcome David Altmaier as Florida's new Commissioner. In his work with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners on capital adequacy, catastrophe and other risk-based capital issues, he has... (Posted: 4/29/2016 2:21:53 PM)

NAMIC Commends Colo. Supreme Court on Litigation Loan Decision

“NAMIC is pleased that the Colorado Supreme Court upheld a lower court decision against Oasis Legal Finance, ruling that litigation finance contracts are in fact loans under the state’s consumer finance law. (Posted: 11/17/2015 1:01:36 PM)

Alabama Property/Casualty Consumers Now Have E-Delivery Option

“With the passage of SB 292, Alabama now joins 26 other state legislatures and a handful of regulators in allowing property/casualty consumers (Posted: 6/5/2015 1:52:22 PM)

Industry Perspective on North Carolina Property Insurance Legislation – HB 182

“Newly introduced North Carolina HB 182, dubbed ‘Property Insurance Fairness,’ is an odd conglomeration of ideas from other states that may or may not benefit North Carolina insurance consumers. (Posted: 3/11/2015 10:48:35 AM)

Mississippi Ride-Sharing Bills Fail to Get Out of Committees

“We are pleased that legislation that would have left drivers and passengers involved with transportation network company activities exposed to serious insurance coverage gaps did not make it out of committee. (Posted: 2/4/2015 9:04:10 AM)

Re: Missouri Governor Nixon Signs Legislation Allowing Farm Mutuals to Serve Consumers via the Internet

Governor Jay Nixon and Missouri lawmakers took an important step in modernizing Missouri’s insurance infrastructure in enacting SB 609 by Senator Mike Parson (R - Bolivar) and HB 1079 by Representative Don Gosen (R - Ballwin). (Posted: 6/6/2014 1:26:01 PM)

Re: Illinois SB 3287 – Loophole Increases Employer Risk For Tort Liability (5/22/2014 1:33:18 PM)

Re: NAMIC Supports Hawaii’s Proposed Workers’ Compensation, Auto Insurance Medication Pricing Legislation (3/11/2014 10:32:40 AM)

RE: Maryland Legislation on Use of Deductibles (2/25/2014 2:21:43 PM)

RE: NAMIC Supports Alaska Underwriting Bill on Abandoned Property (2/3/2014 11:47:36 AM)

RE: Florida Governor Proposal for Sales Tax Holiday, Hurricane Preparedness Supplies (1/29/2014 1:50:10 PM)

Re: NAMIC Supports Hawaii’s Proposed Workers’ Compensation, Auto Insurance Medication Pricing Legislation (1/27/2014 1:14:07 PM)

RE: Missouri SB 617, HB 1344 – Restoring Balance to Claims Litigation (1/27/2014 10:44:43 AM)

Hawaii: NAMIC Opposes Proposed Amendment to Hawaii’s Workers’ Compensation Medical Fee Schedule Legislation (1/27/2014 10:06:10 AM)

NAMIC Opposes Proposed Amendment to Hawaii’s Workers’ Compensation Physician Selection Legislation (1/24/2014 10:41:14 AM)

NAMIC Opposes Proposed Amendment to Hawaii’s Workers’ Compensation Prompt Payment Legislation (1/23/2014 2:07:07 PM)

NAIC Policy Statement on Open Meetings (1/21/2014 2:54:54 PM)

Missouri SB 609, Carrier Delivery, Consumer Access to Insurance Documents Via the Internet (1/21/2014 10:00:27 AM)

NAMIC Responds to Florida Legislative Discussion on Ending PIP (11/6/2013 10:41:52 AM)

Florida Appeals Court Lifts Injunction Against PIP Reforms (10/24/2013 10:30:57 AM)

Arkansas: NAMIC Files Amicus in Arkansas Supreme Court Case on Depreciation of Labor (8/30/2013 1:10:19 PM)

NAMIC Responds to Latest CFA Survey (7/23/2013 8:09:21 AM)

Oregon Legislature Says ‘No’ to Plaintiff Attorney Efforts to Increase Their Profits at Expense of Insurance Consumers (7/9/2013 2:04:59 PM)

Wisconsin AB 81 (Consumer Protection From Storm Scammers) (7/8/2013 12:14:59 PM)

New York Legislature, ‘Sandy’-Related Bills (6/11/2013 9:41:36 AM)

Missouri HB 322 (5/31/2013 3:47:33 PM)

Nevada Joins List of States That Have Embraced Insurance Rate Modernization (5/29/2013 2:40:10 PM)

NAMIC Opposes Gun Liability Measure Before D.C. City Council (5/16/2013 11:24:26 AM)

NAMIC Calls for Building Code Update for Shelby County, Tenn. (5/15/2013 12:22:22 PM)

Florida Drug Repackaging Bill (5/6/2013 9:55:47 AM)

Florida Legislature Passage of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Bill (5/3/2013 9:55:19 AM)

Wisconsin Legislation Strengthening Protections Against ‘Storm Scammers’ (5/1/2013 10:08:03 AM)

Florida House Committee Rejects Repeal of Insurance Jobs Tax Credit (4/26/2013 3:38:31 PM)

Michigan No-Fault Reforms (4/24/2013 9:05:28 AM)

Florida Circuit Court Lifts Stay on Injunction Halting Pip Reforms; NAMIC Comments (4/23/2013 11:31:04 AM)

Kansas Governor Signs Roofing Registration Bill (4/22/2013 2:07:12 PM)

NAMIC Encouraged by Michigan Governor’s No-Fault Reform Plan (4/19/2013 11:26:58 AM)

Kansas HB 2024 (Roofing Registration Act) (4/15/2013 3:30:25 PM)

Idaho Joins Growing Ranks of States Allowing Electronic Communications, Proof Insurance on Mobile Communications Devices; NAMIC Comments (4/9/2013 3:09:57 PM)

NAMIC Responds to Ceres Climate Disclosure Report (3/7/2013 4:45:30 PM)

NAMIC Opposes Nebraska Bill to Ban Pro-consumer Underwriting Tool (2/26/2013 10:30:01 AM)

Insurance Consumers in Washington State Can Breathe Easy Again; Proposed CBIS Ban Bill Dead In Legislature (2/25/2013 5:33:07 PM)

NAMIC Submits Written Testimony in Opposition to Hawaii’s No-Fault Insurance Electronic Verification Reporting Bill (1/31/2013 1:47:52 PM)

NAMIC Submits Written Testimony Supporting Wyoming's Insurance Guaranty Association Act Modernization Bill (1/29/2013 9:55:43 AM)

NAMIC Submits Written Testimony to Montana Committee Supporting Civil Judgment Interest Reform Bill (1/29/2013 9:44:56 AM)

NAMIC Asks Idaho Legislators to Vote ‘Yes’ on Auto Insurance Renewal Bill (1/29/2013 9:26:38 AM)

Consumer Federation of America Releases New 'Report,' NAMIC Comments (1/28/2013 2:09:12 PM)

Sen. Nelson Appointment as NAIC CEO (1/22/2013 2:06:30 PM)

NAMIC Submits Written Testimony in Opposition to Wyoming Bill That Could Turn Every Minor Insurance Dispute Into an Unfair Trade Practices Act Claim (1/21/2013 1:53:40 PM)

Legislation Introduced in Wyoming to Codify Common Law Doctrine on Landowner's Duty to Trespassers; NAMIC Comments (1/16/2013 8:35:08 AM)

NAMIC Opposes Legislative Attempt in Wyoming to Impose Covert Taxation on Auto Insurance Consumers, Via Mandated Insurance Coverage (1/16/2013 8:27:29 AM)

'Storm Scammer' Residential Roofing Repair Consumer Protection Bill Introduced in Wyoming; NAMIC Comments (1/15/2013 1:14:50 PM)

Wyoming's Electronic Proof of Insurance Legislation Makes Sense For Consumers, Insurers, Law Enforcement; NAMIC Comments (1/15/2013 1:06:23 PM)

New York Governor Calls for Additional Workers' Compensation Reforms; NAMIC Comments (1/9/2013 5:11:02 PM)

NAMIC Promotes Strong Building Codes for Shelby County, Tennessee (9/20/2012 8:47:24 AM)

RE: Illinois Proposed Regulation on Workers' Compensation Reimbursement For 'Repackaged' Drugs (9/14/2012 11:18:30 AM)

RE: Illinois SB 2524 (Insurance Coverage for School Buses) (8/27/2012 12:22:54 PM)

RE: Florida OIR Report on Savings From PIP Reform (8/22/2012 12:05:46 PM)

Alabama: 'Storm Scammers' Bill Passes, NAMIC Comments (5/17/2012 8:35:50 AM)

Alabama Legislature Passes Insurance Fraud Bill; NAMIC Comments (5/11/2012 9:54:20 AM)

Iowa Legislature Sends 'Storm Scammer' Bill to Governor; NAMIC Comments (5/10/2012 9:59:11 AM)

Passage of Florida PIP Reform (3/12/2012 7:36:04 AM)

New York: Initiative by the Cuomo Administration to Curb No-Fault Medical Provider Fraud (3/8/2012 4:52:13 PM)

NAMIC Comments on Volcker Rule Hearing (1/18/2012 4:26:36 PM)

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